Sierpinski Curve Stepwise Evolution

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The Sierpinski Triangle is a triangle divided repeatedly into smaller triangles. There are many ways to create a Sierpinski Triangle.
This project adds animation to the Arrowhead Curve method in Sierpinski 4C:
The animation is done by extending the new sides from their ends always at 60 degrees and joining the new middle side.
This project produces the Sierpinski Triangle with a stepwise evolution of one level at a time.
* See the companion project where all levels evolve together:

Notes and Credits

* See too my Pythagoras Tree Evolution project:

Huge thanks to @selim_tezel for his project Koch evolution:
His project inspired me to write this project that grows the Sierpinski Triangle from an Arrowhead Curve.
My algorithm is different (simpler). This version varies just one length parameter. I had to do the math for the Sierpinski Triangle and to calculate the lengths of the new growing sides.
Each line segment changes into 3 new segments. The outside two line segments grow at fixed 60 degree angles. The middle line joining them shrinks to half the size of the original line segment.

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