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First and foremost: You may notice something strange about Colin, which I must address: The tongue is a slightly different shade of red. I know this is quite a drastic change that some of you won't like, but I feel that if fits this game's style and gameplay better than the old version would have.

Also, for those wondering who 'Margaret' is; Margaret will be a vendor NPC that pays the player for mowing her lawn. This is how you will get money for Shopping.

In my 'New Years Update' project I said I wouldn't be making any more major games. I was wrong.
Fugitive Simulator will be a non-linear game about a family of Tonguelings on the run from the Tonguelord (As seen in the latter half of my 'Shopping Simulator' game).
You will be able to explore various parts of the 'Coliny' (the village in which both this game and 'Shopping Simulator' take place), with different gameplay styles for each location.
It will feature shopping segments, just like Shopping Simulator, only this time with the added element of needing to avoid police, who will take you to meet the Tonguelord if they catch you. You will also be able to try to escape in an exciting car chase involving politely explaining your way to freedom.

That said, all of these ideas are just that, and will probably change as they are developed.

Ambience by @mrchickenman2 (it is only a placeholder, it will be replaced for the full game.)

Images and music made in Blender and Garageband respectively.

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