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*The first project I ever started! :]


You awake on a bed of hot sand and under a blanket of sunshine. Your weary eyes are greeted by a vast beach and the grass touching its edge. Confused, you stumble across the shore before realizing you are thirsty, hungry, dizzy and you have amnesia. How did you get on this island?
The day is young and you focus on one thing: survival. Shelter and escape plans can wait, your first goal is to collect all the food and water you can to replenish everything you've lost, before you die.
Can you survive?

~To Play: click anything on the screen and follow directions, answer questions, or go on searches to keep your Health, Hunger and Thirst levels above 0. Watch out, you may come across dangerous items like venomous snakes or toxic plants!
~To Win: just keep your Health, Hunger and Thirst levels up, while looking and clicking everywhere and everything possible. You may find some important items in your adventure that will help you win!
~To Lose: hit 0 on Health, Hunger or Thirst and you will die from starvation, dehydration or general low health.
~About: This the first Survival version. It is basically a prototype; a more advanced Survival 2 will be created, once I learn much more about Scratch and art.
~Thanks To: GarSkutherGirl, MoreGamesNow, soupoftomato, amcerbu, Spiro0 - and any other Scratchers who helped me learn how to make this Scratch game!

If you remix, please give credit.

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