Shark Bite v1.3

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Shark Bite: An original fish-munching game.
Use the arrow keys to move. You can move diagonal.
Point of the Game:
You have to eat fish to score points. The Goldfish is worth 3 points, the Red fish gives you a heart, and the other fish give you one point. Look out for the obstacles. They are your doom. This game keeps record of the world high score. P.S: For you campers out there, if you touch the edge, you get hurt. You get 2% bigger every time you eat a fish. If you want a bit less of a challenge, then click easy mode to make more heart fish appear. While in easy mode, you aren't able to set the high score, so don't turn on easy mode if you want to set it.

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Notes and Credits

(*YOU SHOULD READ*) I give credit to my family and friends, for testing this game out. Tell everyone your score in the comments below, and plz love and favorite if you like it! Can you beat my record of 102 on normal mode? I put the high score back down to a score someone else got afterwards, so that's why you won't see it as the high score. If you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them in the comments! I'm very active, so I'll probably do what you asked within a day of your commenting. Go to @tonymoritz to check out my other games and such. Note: Wow! 4000 views, 100 favorites, and 125 loves!? That's awesome! thanks for the support!

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