{Episode 1} Sun Rising

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Notes and Credits

My fellow Scratchers, may I present to you...

♘♔♕ Sᴜɳ Ʀɪsɪɳɢ Ɛρɪsσɗɛ Ծɳɛ ♛♚♞

We made it, my friends. We made it. :D Ever since I announced this series in June of 2017, this is what we've been working towards. Thank you so much to every single person who supported me along the way. This couldn't have happened without you. <3

(Please bear with me through the credits. xD I made them longer and more dramatic because it's the very first episode :P)

Lɛɳɠτɦ: 10 minutes 25 seconds
Aʂʂɛτʂ: 632
Ƭɪനɛ Ƭɑƙɛɳ: 2.5 months

Trailer: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/168082030/
Official Studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4135736/
Background Character Apps: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/170574227

You can also check out a behind-the-scenes video and the Sun Rising Trailer on my YouTube channel, Cricket's World! :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsYxwsnK7oIUPsCJi9XSz0A I'll soon have this episode uploaded there too. :-)

So... what do you think? :-) I know I didn't reveal much of the plot before this (I purposely made the trailer very vague :P), so this is really the first taste you guys are getting of the Sun Rising world and it's characters. I would love to hear your thoughts on the plot so far, how you think I could improve, and what you as viewers would like to see in future episodes. Your opinions matter so much to me! <3

What do you think of the Council? Who do you think Selah can trust? It seems like everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING, and no one agrees on ANYTHING. xD But where do you draw the line between opinionated... and downright dangerous?

Guess you'll have to wait and see! ;P

♘♔♕ Cɑʂτ ♛♚♞

Queen Eden of Aφεσις - voiced by @ChristianKid5 - created by @ChristianKid5
High Queen Selah of Aφεσις - voiced by @crumbcake2000 - created by @ChristianKid5
Doctor Phineas Kankara-Dutse - voiced by @DieselD261 - created by @ChristianKid5
Queen Amara (Mother) - voiced by @Rosiepie - created by @ChristianKid5
Sir Merek Regis Tesla - voiced by @mintfig - created by @booklover10
Madame Ayleth Qarandirmasi - voiced by @ChristianKid5 - created by @ChristianKid5
Knight Sakura Chusainin - voiced by @DiamondLyssa - created by @teamfam
Princess Eleanor Ocharai - voiced by @AppleBear103 - created by @ChristianKid5
Countess Lori Everstone - voiced by @ChristianKid5 - created by @FlowerCat4444
Archduke Gabriel Rauhantekijä - voiced by @RubyLavender1727 - created by @awesomecodedude
Duchess Jaqueline “Jackie” Singh - voiced by @ivypool2 - created by @AquaticRainbows124 (moved accounts to @ShimmerSparkle123)

Thanks so much to all my amazing voice actors/actresses and character designers! <3 You guys literally made this come to life, and I feel so blessed to have you on my team! :D

I can't wait to start working on Episode 2, but first I want to do a bit of organizing (my notes, files, audio, and scripts seem to be scattered all over my computer xD) and take a short break from animating, so I don't get burned out. :-) As of March 2018, I estimate that Episode 2 will be out sometime during late spring or early summer of this year.

Like I said before, I deeply appreciate everyone who has supported me, but there are a few Scratchers I want to thank specifically:

@cra665 ~ You were Sun Rising's very first Scratch supporter, way back when it was just an idea in my head. :P You encouraged me and cheered me on every step of the way, and for that, I am forever grateful. <3 You have such a beautiful heart, and I am so blessed to call you my friend. <3 Keep on being awesome!! :D

@LittleEclair ~ You. You were Sun Rising's first ever supporter and original inspirer. :D This would never have even existed without you, sis. You mean more to me than you'll ever know. <3 I'm so proud of you. Thanks so much for being you. <3 :D

@bubble103 ~ Without your example, I would have never had the courage to even believe I could do this. You inspire so many people, and I am so grateful to be one of them. :-) Thank you <3

♘♔♕ CԻɛɗɪτʂ ♛♚♞
♫ Music ♫
"Cylinder Five" - Chris Zabriskie
"Thunderstorm" - Hanu Dixit

♪ Sound Effects ♪
“High Heels Walking Series” - YouTube Audio Library
“Running on Grass” - YouTube Audio Library
“Shuffling Feet Grass” - YouTube Audio Library
"Earthy Crust (Sting)" - Jingle Punks
"Deep Cross on Wood" - YouTube Audio Library

✐ Art ✐
by me, @ChristianKid5 :-) I've used several helpful tutorials over the last year, which I have listed below.

✑ Font ✑
“Berkshire Swash” - Google Drive
“Alegreya Sans SC” - Google Drive

☆ Coding ☆
@ChristianKid5, plus a little help from a tutorial listed below :-)

☼ Idea ☼
Sun Rising was created by me ( @ChristianKid5), and my sisters, @LittleEclair and Boo.

☺︎ Tutorials ☺︎
Vectoring Like a Pro 1 and 2 by @bubble103
Vector Art Tutorial by @xXWouldBeNinjaXx
How to Superzoom Sprites by @ExperienceSea

Hey, thanks for reading this far! :D

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