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This a little project I made to share my thoughts about Scratch. :-) I recorded myself speaking it because I thought it would be a little more personal, but you can also read it in the Notes and Credits. :-)

Check it out on my YouTube channel, Cricket's World! :D

Right Arrow Key → mutes/unmutes my commentary
Left Arrow Key ← mutes/unmutes the music
Up Arrow Key ↑ mutes/unmutes the bus sound effect
Space Bar ▭ turns the bus's headlights on/off :D

To me, the Scratch Community is a lot like a bus, so I think it would be super fun if you wanted to remix and add yourself riding the Scratch bus. :-) Although it's certainly important to abide by the law in real life and buckle up, in this project there's no harm in drawing yourself in wherever you'd like. :D For example, I drew myself riding on top of the bus. ^.^ Also, the bus is white for a reason. ;D Like Scratch, this bus is a blank canvas that you can decorate however you want! For example, I "painted" blue handprints going up the side. So feel free to add your own personal touch to the bus! :D (Fun Fact: those are actually tracings of my hand. :P I really don't like drawing hands, so I took a picture of my hand, uploaded it to Scratch, and traced it using vector. :P)

- Credits -
(I'm putting this here because the Notes part of the Notes and Credits kind of took over that section :P)

♫ Music ♫ ~ "Easy Day" by Kevin MacLeod
♪ Sound Effects ♪ ~ "Truck Drive" is from the YouTube Audio Library
✐ Art ✐ ~ All art is by me, except for the Scratch logo, which is from the Scratch Library. :-) I used the double decker bus in this picture for inspiration: And I used @ipzy's landscape in her project, Scrolling Game Tutorial, as a reference for creating the layered effect of the landscape
☆ Coding ☆ ~ I kid you not, I don't even remember how many different things I tried to get my landscape to move! For some reason, I just couldn't get it to work properly. Finally, I decided to use the coding from @ceebee's project, Traveling, as a base for my landscape, and it worked! :D You can check out Traveling here: I also used the layered landscape technique from @ipzy's Scrolling Game Tutorial, which you can check out here: Thanks so much to both of you! :D You're life-savers! Or project-savers (which would probably be more accurate :P).

Easter Egg: A good friend of mine is hiding somewhere in the landscape. :P Comment below if you spot him! ;D

Notes and Credits

The Essence of Scratch ~ Just a few thoughts :-)

Hey everyone. :-) CK here.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about Scratch and looking back on my journey here, and I wanted to make a little project to collect my thoughts. :-)

A lot has changed for me since I began my Scratch journey over three years ago. I've had ups and downs. I've met, learned from, and worked with some very amazing people from all over the world. Scratch and the people of Scratch have been such a blessing in my life.

And then I got to thinking that the Scratch community is a lot like a bus. (For those of you going, "Whaa-?" just stick with me for a sec :P). Scratch is more than just a website. It's an ever-changing, ever-moving community. With every new project created, we get to explore places we've never before. We build on each other and add to each other's creations. We go so much farther together than we ever could alone. And we often stop for a moment or two to welcome new Scratchers onto the bus to begin their own Scratch journeys, which is always very exciting! And all the while, the bus rolls on and on.

Over three years ago, you all welcomed me onto the bus. :-) You helped me when I was stuck, encouraged me when I was down, and befriended me when I was alone. The summer of 2017 was particularly monumental for me in my Scratch journey, and I will never ever forget it.

But then... the summer ended. I went away to school and didn't have the free time that I used to have. From late August to mid December of 2017, I was very inactive, and when I came back, a lot had changed here on Scratch. I found that many of my friends had not only become significantly less active than they were before, but some of them had left entirely. For some reason, I expected that the Scratch I knew during the summer would always be there and would never change. But, of course, I was wrong.

I quickly found out that although the summer of 2017 was amazing, Scratch, like life, is always continuously moving on. I could never go back to the summer. Scratch would never be the same. For quite a while, this made me feel really sad.

But then I realized... this is what Scratch is about. Scratch IS change. If nothing ever changed, we would never grow, we would never learn. We would never create. But sometimes, as we grow and change, we find ourselves being lend away from some paths and toward others. And one of these days, I will find that the Scratch bus will roll up to my stop, and it will be time for me to get off the bus (but today is not that day :D).

Then I realized something more: this doesn't necessarily have to be a sad thing! :-) When someone leaves Scratch, it just means that they've reached their stop. And it's time for them to get off the bus and jump into a new season of their lives and continue their journey. I'll certainly miss them, and it certainly won't be quite the same without them. But we can remember the joy and memories we had together, and we can look forward to the new ones we'll soon make. Maybe we'll meet again and maybe we won't, but either way, I want each and every one of you to know that...

It's been an honor riding with you <3

May God bless each you wherever your lives may take you.

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