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I'm logging into this account for the first time in a few years, and I saw that this project was taken down for being identical to somebody else's. I made this game myself from the ground up four years ago to help my younger brother practice his addition skills. This is the original version of Yoshi's Math Game, and all others that are similar to this are duplicates of the original one. If you want proof, just look at the date the project was shared and compare it to all other comparable projects.

Notes and Credits

Credit: Muymik123

Play as Yoshi and Mario and answer math questions to gain coins and defeat enemies.

Basic Gameplay: Use the arrow keys to control Yoshi. Math problems will appear at the top of the screen, and you must eat the fruit with the correct answer on it. When you get close enough to a fruit, it will highlight, indicating that you can eat it. Press SPACE to eat a highlighted fruit. This will be dropped down to Mario as an egg. Incorrect answers will turn into enemies, and correct answers will turn into coins.

Gameplay Modes

Practice Mode: Answer 15 questions correctly with no obstacles and no time limits.

Lightning Mode: Answer as many questions correctly as you can in the time alotted (after 120 seconds you will able to finish the problem you're on).

Classic Mode: You start with 3 coins. Eating correct answers will give you more coins. Eating incorrect answers will lose you coins. Also, enemies will come on the stage, and you must evade them; you loes a coin if you touch them. The game ends when you run out of coins.

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