Scratch RPG (W.I.P)

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Welcome to the world of Scratch, where everything is made of code and many different sprites roam.
Scratch RPG is an RPG game with the "get good" mentality of old NES games, so take that advice while you play through it.

arrow keys - move
hold z while speed boots are equipped - move faster
spacebar - interact with objects and npcs, advance dialogue
left mouse button - navigating menus, equipping weapons and gear

Notes and Credits

All work is being moved onto @Scratch_RPG. If you want to help with work on the game contact me there. I will occasionally put the current version here.

Current Project Size (Last time I checked):

Community Management: @RQG (formerly)
Music: @David_Sh, @TerribleTheToaster, @PCube
Sprites: @David_Sh, @PokemonSonic2756, @cactus_bob, @cwkkyle20206
Story and characters: @David_Sh, @PokemonSonic2756, @CrazyDolphin26, @cwkkyle20206
Code: @David_Sh, @PokemonSonic2756, @TheOn1yWon, @TerribleTheToaster, @xlgamer789
Other: @CatGuyAnimates, @revolutionarylemon

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