Super Mario Bros.

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Welcome to Super Mario Bros... On Scratch! (But just the first level. I mean, I couldn't make the entire game, I'm not that good! xP)

I recreated it the best I could, but I know there are some differences. Still, it's fun! When Mario skids to turn around, he kinda dabs. xD

Set "Show Hitboxes" to 1! It's pretty cool!

List of differences between this and the original:
- No secret 1up block
- No going through pipes
- No Invincibility Star block

Annoyed that I'm not working on The Ninja 5? I am working on it! This scrolling engine I made will be used in certain parts of the game. ;) I won't say any more about it though. #Ninja5Hype

Notes and Credits

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Level 2:

- Heavily Inspired by Super Mario Bros. by Nintendo
- Art: Nintendo
- Music: Nintendo
- Programming: Me

If you were thinking of reporting this for copyright infringement, keep in mind the only things I used from Nintendo are art and music (and level design I guess), which people on Scratch do all the time! I talked to a Scratch Team member about it, and it's fine.

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