Shape Of Your Name Radial Symmetry

See inside

Congrats to
1st Place: @-Sagitarius-
2nd Place: @WaterGlider02
3rd Place: @Eixard
for winning the Mandala Contest!
Type in your name or a word. No characters or numbers. Also, this works best if the name or word is more than 3 letters long.Use Turbo Mode for a faster draw.
After, you can add color by pressing the spacebar, then dragging the mouse.
Double letters = right angles.
Interesting Words to try:
Everyone: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious(I hope I spelled that right),
@Lightningstar829: wildhorsecountry, wolfpackiswild, zigsandzags, notesandcredits
@alumnyum: ablobjustdieddoyoucare
@MissKittyMerlin: (your_username)
@CodeBit and @angeliclight: eggroll/eggrole
@gauntkad012 : ndfsziuhbvojhsbdihjxfbsIzhxcbgifxhbgjkvxfijvbdxfklcjvndfxiuhbvjxfkhbvijxhvgfiuhszdgxbiuhvgbdisfghuxbdyfhbxdiugfbiszuyghfoszuhdvihzbdiusvzsiuhdzbfiewualszbuieifnawoiqojfhdpsjofosdihzguoysdhbfxoihbkjbmnzbkjhasnkanxvmncbcxfvbuxgviudhbfiuysegdioruygwwwfdbuigisudiypeqwjygskfuvygbkeufygbvlksuehfbvkjyshjfbvksuyfgvnlkuqywtuyqhiphouefivpoenlvkjyhqfbhvjjkqwhdvgkilhfvbliuhygvbhliqbwuvdhvnbuefyvnwlekubyfviuwekfvijluhwenfvbiuwkefhjgskhebkvuselufvykbsugdfbknvsuehjfbvyjkwheufjovwhiefvknj
@websitecreater9000 : ohsaycanyouseebythedawnsearlylightwhatsoproudlywehailedatthetwighlightslastgleaming
@Yuiop07368: yuiop

Notes and Credits

Credit to my best friend @Lychii for suggesting this and @Ashkat-24 for supporting this.
Follow them! they have good art.
Inspired the Symmetric Doodler, which inspired the Mandala Creator (both are on my profile)
I got the idea from something we did in class. When I looked the activity up, I got something similar. If you want to do it manually, here's the link.

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