Math Chomp V2 -- Addition 1 w- Integers

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Update: If you get bigger than 100% of the fish's original size, you win! Post your high score here!
I was at my grandma's with no Wi-Fi and I started playing Math Chomp and decided it needed a little improvements. I made the big fish grow when it ate a smaller fish, added the shark and crabs, added a clam, and added bubbles in the background to give it that underwater feel. The perfect game to introduce younger students to numbers less than zero! Bug where crabs go up is fixed!
Try to make the big fish eat the smaller fish, get the pearl, and dodge enemies by doing math!

Click the Green Flag to start. Move the mouse to control the big fish. Answer problems to eat the small fish, get the pearl, and repel enemies!
Teachers: it is best to set a time limit (e.g. 10 minutes) so the students won't cheat

* To see whether the big fish is close enough to eat the little fish, I used the "color _ is over _?" block
* The little fish broadcasts "got me" when the big fish gets close to it, which triggers the big fish to animate its mouth in an eating motion.
*I used the "ask" block to ask the user for the problem and two variables for the numbers and the number blocks to check if the answer is correct

* Add more fish
* Add more enemies
* Animate the background

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