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This is my introduction to a new character and fursona of mine, Kūkala! (They are gender neutral creatures since they don't have anything to define their gender, but I will be referring to Kūkala as a him) He is a species called a manokit, which is a species created by a furry called DubMutt. Manokits are basically shark kitsune hybrids. (Mano means shark in Hawaiian, and Kit stands for Kitsune- which is Japanese for fox)
Now, onto manokit basic info and more about Kūkala!

Manokits are from Hawaii btw
(This whole paragraph was taken from something that DubMutt explained herself about the anatomy of manokits)

- Their eyes stay shut most of the time, to help shield their eyes from the harsh sunlight, since they are almost blind.
- Due to poor eye sight, they rely on their hearing more than anything thanks to their large fluffy ears that amplify sound waves.
- They CAN'T swim! This is because their center of gravity is in their necks, they will sink easily.
- All versions tend have a waddle in their walk.
- Tribal: These are more anthro than anything. However, if your tribal tends to hunt, they been lean and have some sort of muscle mass.
- Island Dwellers: No gender distinctive features what so ever, and they have a dinosaur feel to them.
- Feral: Big feet, genderless, extremely fluffy, what's not to love?

Alright, here is the info about Kūkala.
Non gender specified but can be referred as he/him
Kūkala means splash in Hawaiian

Looks- Mostly white, with grey feet, ears, and neck. He has multiple blue markings scattered on his body. (Ears, chest, arm, thighs) He has a greenish-blueish soft pyramid like bump, which forms his nose, and little tufts of fur down his back.

And thats it! I hoped you enjoyed learning about manokits and Kūkala, and expect a reference sheet soon!
Art done in FireAlpaca
Art Credit- ME...

if you read down here you're a superstar :D

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