Chasing Cars MAP

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Notes and Credits

Thank you so much @-KeyQuest-! I know I didn't let you answer, but that's because it looked like you haven't been on that account for a while. I also kind of used your coding. I am absolutely, so sorry! All credit goes to @-KeyQuest-, except the art; but I chose to do this song.
Credit to @Claytondefox for giving great suggestions!
The first time I am hosting a MAP. I want to improve my animating, so yeah, that's why I'm doing this. Yay!
Okay, so one other thing. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN EXPERIENCED ANIMATOR! You can be like me: This being only something to practice your animations. You know?
The topic is (Drum roll!): Animals left on the side of the street, or just try and make it like the lyrics.
-You MUST be nice about other people's parts.
-You can't have any blood. You can have scratches and scars, just no blood and gore please. Thanks!
-Please do an animal. If you must, you can do a human.
-Please don't use the backdrop part, but if you do, that's totally fine! I can just change it when I make the finished MAP.
-Have fun!
-Be positive about what you're doing and don't get mad at your work and say it's bad.
I am encouraging everybody and anybody to do this! I will say when the due dates are for the projects once I get at lease half the parts. Sign ups you have until... 6/31/18. Thanks!
There are 27 parts, including the intro and outro.
Intro: @Leafgaze
Part1: @Leafgaze
Part2: @talltiger1023
Part3: @Claytondefox
Part5: @Claytondefox
Part6: @dingledorff
Part7: @PercyJackson023
Part8: @CarrieCanArt
Part9: @dingledorff
Part10: @talltiger1023
Part11: @Goldenstar2468
Part12: @The_Blue_Leopard / @Burritoast
Part13: @TallStarAnimates
Part15: @TheRealB0i
Part16: @Leafgaze
Part17: @TallStarAnimates
Part23: @HuskiesAreCool
Part:24: @cococraz
Part25: @halpinm3
Outro: @pyschowinter_mytRoo2
If you want a part that's taken, I have backups. Here are the
So just go ask in the comments which part you'd like and it's all yours unless it's already taken. Good Luck!

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