Clair de Lune (noteblocks)

See inside

♫USE TURBO MODE!! (shift and click the green flag) -- or else it will sound awful.

♫This is my first note block piece! I hope you enjoy it.

♫FEATURED!! 1/12/18 I logged onto Scratch and had 1046 messages O.o Thank you so much to @Novakitty for suggesting it!! I don't have time to respond to all your comments but I do read them. I will also delete any spam or advertisements.

♫I went CRAZY with broadcast blocks to fix the lag but then realized it actually sounds good in turbo mode... so yeah. Now it has 270 scripts.

♫I can actually play this piece in real life! It sounds better with actual dynamics, pedal, and rubato, but this is still cool.

♫My second noteblock piece:

♫My music studio:

Notes and Credits

♫All programming and art credit to me. (I know the moon doesn't look like that)

♫Original song: "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy. (Clair de Lune means moonlight in French). This is NOT the same song as Au Clair de la Lune. Look it up. Additionally, it is not grammatically incorrect. Clair de Lune is the actual original title of the song. PLEASE stop saying that it's wrong.

♫Time taken: 946758345 years. Mostly spent scrolling through the broadcast message list.

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