Super Mario Odyssey 2D | PART 1

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Ok. For those people who want to play with arrow keys: Check out this awesome remix by @miiname !

WOW. Super Mario Odyssey has been brought to scratch. Well, 2D. and it's only part 1. But don't worry! As you are reading this, @23ScratchMan is working on part 2! Have you ever wanted to play Super Mario Odyssey but don't have the switch? Well, don't feel bad. so have I! And this is why. I present to you.
Super Mario Odyssey 2D - 23ScratchMan Edition PART 1.

Press Space after the messages. Read at your own pace!
Use the 'W'A'S'D' controls to navigate mario through the levels.
Use 'E' to throw cappy and jump on him for a higher bounce!
Get from flag pole to flag pole and find the power moons!
As though, there are only 2 power moons in this game :( Im really sorry. This was the introduction to this game I am making.

I deeply apologize for any boring activity or non-pleasing activity.
This project was not meant to be so popular :P

Serious message here:
I am so EXHAUSTED from working on this game! And the sad part is: I have no motivation :( I don't even feel like making the game because no one wants it. Please just leave a comment so I am knowing that people actually want PART 2!
And here is also why I stopped working on part 1. Because this game is falling apart. No parts are stable. I have to use broadcast everything!!! just look at the broadcast list! I didn't realize this at first. And now, I regret it. Which is why, I am making part 2 more connected, stable, longer, and hopefully, more better ;)

~ Your friendly scratch member @23ScratchMan

Awesome link:
I recently won a contest! I placed FIRST PLACE! If you like platformers, this one is a contest winner :)

ok after recently checking this, IT ACTUALLY GOT MORE VIEWS THAN FINGERDASH! WOW!

Notes and Credits

This is obvious but HUGE thanks to Nintendo for actually creating Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch! It deeply inspired me for this game! The Storyline, the artwork, the music, the everything!

But being honest, I told no-one about this game. I wanted it to be a surprise :D So I only got stuff from nintendo. The worlds best gaming company :D


21/2/2018 Shared Mario Odyssey after weeks of effort!

22/2/2018 Added the cappy 'throw' sound effect.

4/4/2018 Edited levels (They aren't easier, they're just different)

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