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To play the game you use the arrow buttons to navigate around the maze. Your goal is to find five numbers that reveal information about me. For each bit of information you reveal you score 1 point. To win the game you have to get all five points. If you select a "wrong" number you lose a life. You only have 3 lives. There is a pattern to which numbers to select. Can you figure it out and get through the maze quickly and without losing all your lives? Oh, there's also an 'easter egg' at the end. Good luck!

Notes and Credits

I created this project as my Intro for the Learning Creative Learning 2 (2014) course. I liked the idea of a maze, but I also wanted to try out variables (these are the parts of the game that keep track of the score and the number of lives you have left.) I started out by looking at the code others basic maze games used. For most of the rest of the coding, when I encountered problems my fabulous 12 year old son helped me out :-) I encountered problems uploading images and sounds so almost all of the images were either from the Scratch library, or ones that I drew myself or library images that I edited. The only image I could upload was that of the unhappy face. The sounds are recordings of my son's voice.

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