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This is an experiment to see how accurate people can be when a computer moves faster then they can see. Please try your best in order to ensure accurate results. We need lots of data, so feel free to put this project in your studios!

Select either the dot or the line to begin. (Click, or press L or D) The project will generate tons of dots or lines until there is no white. Then, it is up to you to guess how many there are! There are lots of fun stats for you to see! Simply click space to toggle slides, or double click space at any time to try again! The variables are rounded.

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When you are done, feel free to download the backdrop and/or comment your score! Also, check out the pen sprite for a surprise!

Turbo mode is recommended. (Shift-click the green flag.)


Notes and Credits

Code: Max Ungrey
Inspiration: @undertal3Fan
1/29/18 -- Front Page Curated!
Thanks, @cinnamon_bun_puff for curating!
Thanks, @The_Longest_Username for suggesting it be curated!

-Added a maximum guess(100,000)
-Made the minimum size larger
-Allowed player to re-guess if their answer is not a number
-Added a Yay! sound effect if you got a score of 50 or less
-Allowed the player to restart at any time by double-clicking space
-Added the option to press L or D to begin
-Only switches to black backdrop after asking how many
-Added a fun secret in the pen sprite!
-Added the press space sign to avoid confusion
-Added another fun secret in the pen sprite!

Curation day log: (Curated at 5:00 PM Eastern Time)
Jan 29, 4:00 PM -- 97 views, about 20 attempts on each.
Jan 29, 8:00 PM -- Views coming at a steady rate of 5 per minute.
Jan 29, 9:00 PM -- 100 views!
Jan 30, 9:00 AM -- 500 views!
Jan 30, 12:00 AM -- 750 views!
Jan 30, 3:00 PM -- Over 1000 views!
Jan 30, 7:00 PM -- I had over 400 messages, there are 1100 views, 365 comments, 1 remix, 11 studios, 73 loves, 60 favorites, and gained 7 followers!

Best comment from curation day:
911 we have an extreme case of colorful chicken pox...

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