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Boredom: yet another [ridiculous] animation by cheddargirl

Yep, that YuGiOh plushie is back again; this time we take a glimpse of what he does when he's feeling very, very bored.

Ironically, I made this project because I was feeling bored. Even more ironic is the stuff that what the plushie does when he's bored is what I do when I'm bored (although perhaps his mishaps is what we don't share). :P I don't think it's as funny as my other Plushie Pal related project, but I was kinda running low on ideas. Oh well. ^^;

Thanks to Paddle for catching my spelling error. :)

->From freeSFX (
Congo Party (internet film)
Door Opening (sivar)
Door Closing (zigzagou)
record scratch (vitoquintan)
tick tock (soundbyter)
dufus melody (mikestewart)

->from The Free Sound Project (
cartoon mocking sound (RobinHood76)
violin sound (Department64) (major edit made to make blinking sound)

-> from
page turn

-> from Scratch Sound Folder:
pop, string pluck

All sounds from freeSFX are covered by CC license (CC-BY-3.0). All sounds from The Free Sound Project are covered by CC sampling license (CC sampling+ v1.0). All sound from are used according to website's Terms of Use. Sounds from Scratch covered by Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 2.0.

City skyline image from the Scratch background folder.

Everything else by cheddargirl, created in the Scratch Paint Editor and MS Paint.

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