Fractal L-System Generator

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Man, I haven't been on in a long time. This is a complete rebuild of my earlier project of a similar name.

This project is based on L-systems (Lindenmayer systems). It builds a fractal based on an alphabet (symbols that cause the pen to draw or turn) and replacement rules (ex. replace F with -F++F-).

In this program, F, G, and H mean draw forward, A and B mean move without drawing, + means turn clockwise, - turn counterclockwise. [ stores the current position and ] restores it.

Type in the replacement rules and axioms without any spaces.

Example: Levy C Curve
Start Axiom: F
F -> -F++F-

First, it calculates the string of commands. Once it finishes, the screen turns black. Click on where you want the fractal to start and input the initial orientation. You can redraw the fractal and put it in a different position by pressing space.

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