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My 10th project under "What the Community is Loving"!

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The goal of the game is to join tiles together that are the same value. When two tiles combine, they become one tile that's double the value. As the title implies, your goal is to make a tile worth 2048.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to shift all of the tiles on the board in the same direction. Every time you move the tiles, a new tile will spawn randomly with a value of either two or four.

Notes and Credits

My current high score: 27260 points!

Doing my inbox a favor and disabling comments so that 90% of my messages aren't "I got this random score!"

While all of the coding and graphics are mine, this game is not my idea. The original idea for 2048 was by Gabriele Cirulli, whose website can be found at

Since this game is lacking animations for the tiles moving (don't tell me to put them in, there's a reason why they're not animated), you might want to check out the original if you're confused about how it works.

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