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Idk, I kinda just wanted to draw a creeper and then I drew more :P

The song is the Minecraft Song by Bobby Yarsulik. Isn't it AWESOME? XD

1.) A creeper

2.) When I first met a ghast-- It was a LOT bigger than I had imagined XD

3.) "Ohai. Did you notice you built a wall around your city that makes it so we can't get in? We're gonna fix that for u."-- this happened to me when Makdoggydude, flyingmonkeyfeet, BrickArms and I just finished making our town lit enough so mobs wouldn't spawn within the walls, and there were two (or three) creepers right outside the gates when I tried to leave to get supplies 8S

4.) PUPPY!!!! Omgsh I love those things SO MUCH!!!

5.) BrickArms left his house for a bit to get supplies, and then Makdoggydude was like, "OMGSH! Dude, there are like, zombies in your house!" So BrickArms was like, "Alright zombies, face the fury of my sw--!" There weren't zombies in his house, it was like, FIVE cows that had spawned in there. It's not that big of a house XD

6.) A bad drawing of our first town. There's a dirt sculpture near the front gate of like... a running minecraft dude, and you can also see a bit of BrickArms' castle on the left, with flyingmonkeyfeet's secret tunnel unearthed by creeper explosions XD This is what it looks like now-- it is FULL of creeper holes from all of the supply runs we made back and forth between towns XD You can't see in this picture the PIT right outside the gate, which was made by multiple creepers. It also had my treehouse in the center of town, flyingmonkeyfeet's supply shop, my farm, and a pool of water with a glass celing and redstone torches so it looks like a spa :D

7.) The glorious stone creeper statue of our new and current town. It has redstone torch eyes :) (Which I drew as the Painterly Pack's paper lantern torches 'cuz it looks better like that :P) In this town all of our houses are built into hills, and there are an INSANE amount of GARGANTUAN trees inside and outside the gates. The ironic thing about the statue is a creeper once tried to blow it up-- it made a crater underneath and right next to the statue-- The statue was unharmed 8I

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