Attack of the Squigs

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1.Click the green flag multiple times
How to play:
You are the duck creature with abnormally long legs, Quake. Your goal is to dodge all the Squigs (worms) for as long as you can and score as many points as you can.

Right Arrow ➤ Go Right
Left Arrow ➤ Go left
Up arrow ➤ Jump
Space ➤ Attack

Scoring + Attacking:
To score a point you have to defeat a Squig with one of your two attacks. When you are on the ground, you can deploy an egg bomb that, after a second or two will turn black, disintegrating all the Squigs in the effecting area. When you are in the air (jumping) you can deploy a dark feather that will fall and disintegrate any Squig that it hits and if it doesn't, it makes it a trap to any Squig that it touches.

Notes and Credits

Welcome to my first ever game (on this account). I decided to change my art style a bit and I included animation. All art + script by me!
Check out this art:

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Highscore doesn't work atm ( i think)

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Sounds form:

Please tell me in the comments if you have found any bugs or glitches! Also, did you like the game? Would you like to see more games?

You are the duck creature with abnormally long legs, Quake. One day, you accidentally step on the Squig leader (worm things) and they want to take revenge on you. For many years, their attacks did not affect you but one day they developed a genetic mutation that allows them to take one of your 3 lives away from you. The problems is, touching you and anything that comes from you disintegrates them. But that will not stop them. They will do anything to avenge their leader. One day, without realising, you walked into their territory. They then launched an army at full force to defeat you. Your goal now is to survive as long as you can.

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