sAlVaGeD // MEME

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A meme featuring a secret Pokesona, Metallic.
Blood/Gore Warning.
Music by NateWantsToBattle
Backdrop by
Art/Thumbnail/Sprites/Coding by @Maltese89
Metallic broke out of his Pokeball when he sensed his trainer was in danger. His trainer was being attacked by all 3 primal legends: Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza- all in their alternate forms. He knocked them all out with the help of 5 other Pokemon. Rayquaza struck Metallic with Dragon Ascent, which smashed nearly every bone in his body- except his Skull, thank Arceus on that one! He later was rushed to the hospital, and they couldn't put his bones back together. So, they came with a metallic skeletal system of Poochyena, just for him. It took about a year of rehabilitation and therapy, but he made it eventually. Now, while still being attacked and he strikes back, Metallic was abandoned from his old trainer, and I had to take him in. The trainer said he can't afford to care for Metallic. Now, with this system, he can't evolve. But that never stops him from being overprotective...

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