PolyGone: Xmas Sadventure! (SSS2017)

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**Just want to say, if you don't want to be spoiled on who my Secret Santa gifts are for, I'd recommend not reading the comments. Some already got it!** XD

"Hi, I'm PolyGone! You may remember me from one of KJEKJE's older games a few years back. He told me that I was in some kind of sequel for Xmas, so here I am! Can you help me find out who's the scratcher that KJEKJE need to give his Secret Santa present to?" :D

Press that green flag, wrap it with tinsel, add a little star, and wave it like you mean it! (well, actually, maybe don't do the last part- that would be a lot of cleaning up decorations on the floor.) :P

Most instructions are in the game, but here are some minor ones that you can do to improve your game experience:
- You can press the 'm' key to mute/unmute the music playing.
- You can also press the 'l' key to toggle on/off for the snow effect. It lags a lot on fullscreen, but is playable without the effects, but that's always been a problem in my games anyways .3.

Annnd that's it! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas to you all! :D

Oh, and there's an easter egg here, as always. X=)

Notes and Credits

Wow, this was a little close to call. Getting the project shared in time for Christmas Day (UK time) was quite nuts, because of issues uploading the full game from offline editor to the website.

Oh, did I mention that I'm not at where I usually am this Xmas? Yeah, I was using offline editor since the Wi-Fi here can fade out sometimes, so... yeah that's a thing. ._.

But hey! It's shared just in time- sorry if it's already Boxing Day for any of you, I tried my best :)

Anyways, credits!
- PolyGone is an old character of mine, so I guess the design's by me? XD
- Oh, all artwork's by me! :D
- The scripts were also by-- you know, come to think of it, this was a project more or less all done by me. Yey. :P
- The music's all by me as well! Oh, wait, with some SFX from SoundBible and Scratch Sound Library :)
- Thank you so much @aminameow4 for hosting the Secret Santa 2017 Studio- it was a blast! I hope that the scratcher (in this project) is happy with what I made them! If not, well then it was great to make them anyways! ^-^

- Obviously, credit to the scratcher in this project too, but you'll find them out in the game, won't you? :P

To finish off, I've got a few things left to share before I become the passive-active person that I am, so stay tuned for some other Xmas stuff! There's still 10+ days of Christmas, so why stop here? X=D

Alright then, so as always, don't eat my cheese sandwich, solve the secret scratcher, and of course, Scratch On! X=P

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