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Yay! It's finally out! After less than a week of waiting!
Use the mouse to move your airplane around, and click to shoot enemies. Red enemies are the most easy to defeat. Green airplanes shoot their own bullets, and purple ones annihilate you.
If you die, you can go to the shop and buy different items for your airplane!


Also, every once in a while, a blue bubble will pop up and scroll down the screen. Collect it. Its a shield, and will block all bullets and airplane from hitting you!

Love and favorite if you liked: What took you five minutes to play took me five days to make!

Code and graphics all by me.
Sound from
Music is Pursuit by PaperAirplaneBoy, and Cloud 9 by 7obu

My 2nd top love!!! And my 2nd top remix!!!!
I can't promise I'll reply to every comment ^.^

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