I'm a Lady MAP {CLOSED} :3

See inside

Hey Guys!
This is my first MAP ever hosting so I'm really excited!
I N T R O is here!
Firstly I'll invite people to join my MAP, and if you are interested in joining my MAP, please leave a comment with 2 links to your BEST animations! If I don't reply within a 5 days to a week, it's my polite way of saying "no."
Include the code-word in your comment
No watermark (anymore)
If possible 2 sprites MAX! 3 if I say so
No animals, please stick to girls/humans
Your part MUST be done before 28th of February you can have an extension if I said you can
No inappropriate animations
Include the code-word Lady
No colour changing blocks
You can make it a PMV if allowed
Stick to the theme
Only 1 background!
That's it!
Also, the parts range from 4 - 9 seconds! So some people will have bigger parts!
The Intro and Outro are about 13 seconds for some time for credits and what-not

Notes and Credits

Intro - @LOLipop31 (DONE)
Part 1 - @kawaii_cream (DONE)
Part 2 - @FlamingRain (DONE)
Part 3 - @Princess_Productions (DONE)
Part 4 - @purplekitten22 (DONE)
Part 5 - @-SparkliiStars- (DONE)
Part 6 - @SewCuteStudios - (DONE)
Part 7 - @KitKatlet12 (DONE)
Part 8 - @littlepuppy14 (DONE)
Part 9 - @Martinez1016 (DONE)
Part 10 - @kiddy889 (DONE)
Part 11 - @MalkandCookiez (DONE)
Part 12 - @RainbowCloud525 (DONE)
Part 13 - @PixelEcIipse (DONE)
Part 14 - @LittleAlienGirl (DONE)
Part 15 - @-Donutella- (DONE)
Part 16 - @Stargirl46 (DONE)
Part 17 - @KittyDaUnicorn (DONE)
Part 18 - @yourownsketches (DONE)
Outro - @cinnamon_bun_puff (DONE)

Thumbnail tryouts are now C L O S E D!
People participating:
@kscswimgirl (DONE)
@Princess_Productions (DONE) - W I N N E R ! Congrats! <3
@Allama361 (DONE)
@smilyemoji (DONE)
@EllalongMagic (DONE)
@cinnamon_bun_puff (DONE)
@derpyfoxy101 (DONE)
@glitter_caticorn (DONE) https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/195112882/
@doggies9000 (DONE)
@-Hamstr (DONE)

Font in thumbnail by @FontGod called Mango Smoothie

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