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Top loved 01/10/2018! Thanks so much!

This is one of my games with more complicated gameplay so listen up!

- Use the up and down arrow keys to move.
- The blood type of the player will change every once and a while, so be on the look out!

(You might want to look at this next part when you play)

- When you are the AB blood type, you can receive any type, so go crazy and rack up that score :D
- When you are the A blood type, you can only get the A and O blood type, so if you touch the B or the AB type, you will lose.
-When you are the B blood type, you can only get B and O blood type.
-When you are the O blood type, you can only get other O blood types.

This game is educational because I'm so smertt yee

I know some people might want to report this game because it has blood in it, but they are literally SINGLE CELLS. Also let's be honest here they aren't even realistic.

Please love and fav if you enjoyed, and follow me if you REALLY enjoyed :D Tell me what you think in the comments! Also make sure to tell me if you find any bugs!


The music is Pokemon Sun and Moon Chief Faba Battle Music

I took some of the scripts for the fancy smancy scoring from my sister @ExperienceSea's game, go check it out! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/195596910/ Also she helped me fix a major bug!

All other coding and graphics by yours truly.

And um yeah! Hope you enjoy, this took me a while to make, so thanks for reading this far! Scratch on!

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