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"This game is so good that it should be an app on gods iphone!"-AlinJack5671

"The scripting is amazing, the cpu works perfectly. The games are pretty addictive and fun. The stages are nicely done. And there are alot of character choices. I rate this 10/10, Excellent!"- Gamer4Life

"VERY nice job with this. It's really polished and works perfectly. Great range of characters and stages, and fantastic job with the tournament mode. :D"- 08Jackt

"OMG this game could seriously be on a gaming system! It's professional, smooth, and totally EPIC! I could never do something this EPIC in a billion years!"- Animemoon

"yet another amazing debut. tsgg you've shown the unthinkable to scratch time after time i tip my hat down to you (if i was wearing a hat that is)"- HyperFlame

"If I had to pick what the world's best game I would chose this! Best game ever!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!! The best scratcher is u!!!!!!"- soraandsonic

"WHOA!!! I didn't know this was possible!!! Great JOB!!! AWESOME GAME!!! Rating: 1 billion out of 10!!!"- Someone 2

"I have been waiting for this for a while. The trailers and stuff looked great and all but this is even better! Glad all those people won the contest! Great bunch of characters, great graphics, good gameplay, endless fun!"- snowydude

"Omg man! I did not even know this was possible to MAKE! GREAT JOB! (Holy cow 3 hours and more love its than all my projects combined :P)"- Thescratch3

"It's epicness with a Cherry on top!Thesuperguidegames got everything epic and awesome and put it into an awesome project, that is like none other.Nothing gets better than this game!"-CheckItNow12

Works best in download or flash

Report any glitches to me

If online play in flash but downloads work best

Contest Winners- Jonzo, ScratchU8, Rnkwjig, and forme01

Unlock codes-

Paper Mario Party is a game where you can play with or without a friend. This game has 3 game modes. Vs. Battle, Coin Catchers, and Super Stompers.
In vs. Battle you try to stop on the opponent before they kill you. and watch out for the items.
In coin catchers you catch coins while jump on your oppenent, If you jump on you opponent they lose 2 coins.
In Super Stompers you try to stomp the most goombas before time runs out.
In tournament mode you play through 9 diffrent tournaments to get the grand prize. If you want to unlock all the cups enter this
Unlock Code: Tri-force

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Special Thanks to
Jonzo, ScratchU8, Rnkwjig, forme01, 08Jackt, Killeymiester,, Nintendo, Intellegent Systems

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