Super Mario Math World 2 Beta - Adding Integers

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Notes and Credits (added by LolCat72)

Since Super Mario Math world was an OK hit and I realized how many Super Mario World projects there were, I decided to make a sequel! This looks like Zelda123's Super Mario World, but I only used that as a platforming base and I give Zelda123 full credit for the graphics and original scripting. I give credit to mario100 for the music because that was in the first Super Mario Math World. READ ON.

Arrow keys to move and space to use an action.

Download or use Flash for best performance. If a class is playing this, either download it (you must have 1.4 or later) or make an account for the class to use.

This is a remix, but it's not a cheap remix or a copy. So before you go tell the Scratch Team that I stole this from Zelda123, let me tell you this. I changed the project. I made it play music in the background for an arcade atmosphere, had it play a punch sound when a Goomba was killed, and had the user answer math problems when they were on a flashing button, plank, orb, or pearl.

As proof, this is not a copy because the Scratch Wiki defines project copying as "when a user downloads a project, changes a negligible amount or nothing at all, re-uploads it, and claims it is an original creation"(1). First of all, I changed a substantial amount. Secondly, I am admitting it is a remix.

Resources to prove I wasn't copying:

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