Which MIT Student Are You?

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~Welcome to which "MIT Student are You?"~

!!Important!! Please Read Directions Carefully and Use Arrow Keys!!!!

There are 8 questions and 20 answers for each one. Click the blue box to chose your answer. Press the right arrow to see the ones to the right and the left arrow to go to the ones on the left. At the end you score will be calculated and answers added up.

_-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-_ _-*-

This is my first quiz! Tell me if it's ok ^.^

Don't forget to tell me who you got ^.^
(I got a mix of Reilly and Caroline)

This took me forever and a day (emphasis on the forever). Please don't remix without giving credit (not like anyone ever does remix my projects XD)

Notes and Credits

-Being curated by @oriquack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I never know what to put here XD

-I still have no idea what in the world to put here

The MIT Student is a fictional book that I'm writing. If you got a character (only Eric, Dylan, Summer, and Reilly are in the chapter's I've posted on scratch.) and you want to read the book here's the link to the first chapter: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/159065336/

-Please tell me about any spelling errors, any more questions I should add, or any other improvements you can think of. (also how do you spell squirrel?(is that how?))

*This is just a project. What you get doesn't mean you are like that*

A huge, huge thanks to @Echo-off. I would still be working on this past New Years if Echo hadn't helped me with list instead of 20 variables. I love having you help me and I always learn some much when you do.

Thanks to @AnaniAnime for your character maker.

Shared- 21/12/2017
Update- 26/12/17 (put in Reilly's backdrop)
Update- 3/1/18 (change answer fro Summer and Dylan)
Update-11/2/18 (just wanted to seem productive so i wrote update)

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