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Okay, okay... WHAT??
I came home and I'm like "I have time, let's go on Scratch to work on my animation" then I saw I had 500+ messages and I'm like "OH MAN I'M BEING HACKED" but then I saw the comments and they were all on this and people were like "Congrats on the feature!" and I'm like "WHAAAATTTTT!?!?" because my front page doesn't say I am.
But like...... Of AAAALLLLL projects, I didn't think this would be featured. I don't even see why it is, but I'm very, very grateful. Thank you soooooo much you guys! I definitely won't have time to answer all the comments, but if you have a question, ask on my profile; I answer ALL of those.

-- @TaylorHuski Jan. 9, 2018 (about 8:30am)

Notes and Credits

Мягкая музыка и медленная анимация.
Soft music and slow animation.

Try turbo mode!
@meowmachine21's idea to make this more realistic.
Since I've gotten much better at drawing nature, I've redrawn everything!

By the way, these are foxes, and yes, this was my first project.
PLEASE DO NOT mention "Five Nights at Freddy's". I will delete your comment. And yeah, I know there are rebels, and you're not gaining ANYTHING from doing so.

Первоначально это было на русском языке, но после того, как он вышел на первую страницу, я много писал на английском языке.

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