Entirely Generic Platformer (A Platformer)

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Welcome to "Entirely Generic Platformer (A Platformer)": A game which immediately goes against its own mission by having an actually descriptive title preceding the words 'A Platformer', rather than a vague, one-word title as sported by hundreds upon hundreds of other creatively named games. How unconventional.

To its credit, though, it does have one of those icons consisting of a simple geometric shape with a fake motion blur trail behind it.

WASD to move- R to restart a level- Spikes and Lava are bad- Progress to the right of the screen- Look for secrets that may or may not exist.

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Sequel (This one is about 'In a Nutshell' projects) : https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/198690297/

As fun as platformers are to play, one must admit that many of them are pretty much exactly the same, just with different gimmicks- the novelty of which wear off in a variable, but far still far too short, amount of time. In this case, it is the fact that it is entirely generic. Isn't it clever and amusing? but we all know that two minutes in it will have completely lost its charm.

Tutorial used: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/137991051/

I think this idea has a huge amount of potential, but since I'm very inexperienced on this front, I am making this as a sort of test/sandbox, so the ideas can be further developed in a future project.

1/17/18 - @littlebene managed to guess the secret passcode. Such incredible luck as this deserves appreciation.

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