Will_Wam Tower Defense 2 HACKED

remixed by Will_Test
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Will_Wam Tower Defense 2 HACKED! >:D
The Original Game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/187139359/

Have fun obliterating all these enemies with your crazily overpowered towers.

It looks absolutely amazing if you play it there

Notes and Credits (added by Will_Test)

What I changed:
- Most towers shoot faster
- Ninja shoots 3x as many shurikens
- Dynamite is way bigger
- Lavender throws 5x as much dynamite
- Levi's Sword range is much bigger, and swings much faster
- Caleb constantly shoots in every direction
- Josh basically doesn't stop shooting lasers
- Power Cube is virtually unstoppable if placed correctly
- Skye permanently lowers enemies' speed
- Element Cube shoots all elements at once
- Most projectiles ricochet off of enemies
- Enemies spawn faster (it does technically make it harder, but it's better because it speeds up the game.)
- Minor Graphical changes

Credit to @Will_Wam for the original project! (That's me by the way, lol.)

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