Super dodgeball by Jmackley

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Use the arrow keys to dodge the balls. Collect the food to get health and score. If you are logged in and are a full Scratcher ( not a new one) you can beat the high score! Press p to pause
Backdrop Names (You use these in the Change Theme menu):

Notes and Credits

I made this out of the book Scratch Programming In Easy Steps.
Changelog and news:
Updated the onscreen controls for touch support as Scratch 3.0 will support smartphones and tablets.
ANNOUNCEMENT: This game will not be updated until after the launch of Scratch 3.0. I appreciate the support but I want to make sure what I have working now will work in Scratch 3.0 so I don't want to make any big changes until then. The game is now back online.
Pre2: Health Indicator settings
v3.1-Pre1 Beta: Not much, just quickly releasing the update for test purposes. There may be many bugs, please be aware of that.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Project Down for Updates.
v3.0.1.1 beta: More minor improvements to the game to keep all the new features running perfectly. Edited main menu to keep it working perfectly. Also began background preparations for when this game comes out of beta! Enjoy!
v3.0.1 beta: Minor game improvements.
v3 beta: Game options menu to configure ball speed.
2 new backdrops.
Updated the Cat, Dodgeball and Energy sprite to Vector.
Bug fixes.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Project back online!
NEWS: I am working on new projects so this game might not be updated as quickly as it has been recently. However, I will still update the game lots and will work on it alongside my new projects.
NEWS: Options menu coming soon to configure basic game options, either in v3 beta or a v2 beta release such as 2.7.2 or 2.8. beta: Minor fixes and improvements.
2.7.1 beta: Fixed bugs with the high score (including the bug that was causing me problems) and made it so that balls bounce off the cat.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Project will be unusable for a brief period of time to update to v3 beta. If you would like to test the update while it is being made, comment that you would like to beta test. I will announce pre release updates here for people who want to sign up. You can also comment to stop testing.
v2.7 beta: Added a function that lets me stop other users using the project while it is updating. If you would like to beta test, comment below.
v2.6.1 beta: Fixed minor bugs with the Change Theme button.
v2.6 beta: Added a Change Theme button to accommodate for the new backdrops coming in v3 beta.
NEWS: v3 beta coming soon! It will include new backdrops, bug fixes and possibly more stuff!
v2.5 beta: Splash Text Fixes.
NEWS: Suggest features! Either comment them or post them here:
v2.4.2 beta: Small Main Menu bug fixes.
Any users having issues where the Easy High Score is covered up by the normal High Score, please let me know. I currently don't have this issue on my version, please provide more details.
v2.4.1 beta: Small fixes.
v2.4 beta: Added credits menu.
v2.3 beta: Made slight changes to the main menu.
v2.2 beta: You can now enter the name "username" to use your username as the name. Also fixed some bugs. Enjoy!
v2.1 beta: Fixed bugs when pausing.
v2 beta: A BIG bugfix update! As many bugs as possible have been fixed. The highscore system now works correctly on all game modes and the leaderboard function has been enhanced. I have also fixed the onscreen control system and there was a bug when you die that has now been fixed. There are still some bugs to be fixed with pausing the game but they shouldn't take to long to fix.
v1.1 beta. Fixed some bugs.
NEWS: This game is not dead! I am attempting to fix this game up but it is difficult. I will announce the next update features.
v1b beta: Fixed some bugs.
v1a beta ( finally!): Added splash text, difficulty levels, leaderboard menu, color changing buttons and much more! Each difficulty level has its own separate highscore! Keep having fun guys and I will be sure to release more updates!

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