Team Matcha Presents......! / Round 1

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Spam the green flag! xD
No turbo mode! >:(
A wonderful Cuckoo Clock ticks, and the a bird with a marble in it's mouth pops out! It drops the marble into the current, and then gets pushed to that red button over there....see it? Well, guess what the button does? It activates the hammer, making it knock the egg into the hamster wheel. Hmm, isn't the egg a bit unusual? Oh yes, now the egg will 'run' the hamster wheel! What comes next, you ask? Well, just watch and see. Look! there's a lever...wonder what that does! Wow, it drops a tea bag into the kettle, and then, a robotic arm puts a tea cup underneath....and you should probably guess what happens next?? Maybe not, but the arm takes the kettle, and then pours a cup of tea out! Oohlala....A nice cup of Matcha tea! :)

Notes and Credits

Round 1 Theme :
Rube Goldberg machine
Made by :
Team Matcha!
All coding & animation by :
All art by :
Hamster wheel animation by :
Script & Explanation by :
Intro by :
@XxIcy101xX & @HunnyMelon
Compition hosted by :
@Frozenflame (Tea Table)
Team matcha :
============Extra Credits (Don't count points!)=============
@run_script for the turbo detector
@Vorokas for the confetee

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