Jumper JODI

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Work- Its a simple game that works to earn points when you jump and touch the moving carpet.
1. Click on JODI (Lady) on Trampoline.
2. Jump and touch the carpet.
3. Catch the Apple and Earn Points.
3. Enjoy.

Notes and Credits

I choosed 4 sprites namely:

1. Trampoline: I needed some thing over which i can make my charecter (JODI) jump and it should look genuine ,so i choosed it.
2. JODI the lady: I choosed her because she was the only lady available with her hands upwards, since while jumping and catching something (Apple), hands of the charecter should be upwards.
3. Carpet: I choosed carpet because i wanted to move it in the air and i thought a moving carpet will look good just like wind is blowing the carpet.
4. An Apple: I placed an apple over the carpet so as to lure JODI, Since Jodi is hungry and as soon as she catches the apple she earns a point.

That's how my game goes on.

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