Animate a Name Platformer v0.4b

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Playing around with Scratch's "Animate a Name" tutorial project :)

*** Now with TWO levels - My top score is 139 can u beat me? ***

Added Score (+1 for stars, -1 for losing a letter). What's your top score?

*** Please let me know if this lags on your pc at all, especially now with the zoom in and out feature! ***

This is a Work In Progress (WIP) project that I will build upon over the next few weeks as I have time and can play with ideas.

Current ideas:
* Mission is to get to the end of the level with as many letters left of my name.
* Collectables along course - some requiring splitting up name?
* Spikes to avoid (above and below)
* Lava? - Gotta have that in a Scratch project right?
* Enemies to avoid?
* Moving platforms / Lifts? - Not sure how expensive that will be for so many collision checks.
* Music & sounds :)

v0.4b - Added error correction to help stop clipping through ground.
v0.4 - Added level 2
v0.3 - Added an exit and extra score for each letter saved!
v0.2 - Zoom in and out - Wow... who knew it would be fast enough!
v0.1 - Added Score (+1 for stars, -1 for losing a letter)

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