The Colour Divide MAP [COMPLETED]

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Notes and Credits

---The Colour Divide MAP---

Song: 'Giants' by Lights
Hosted and edited by: bubble103
Animated by: 48 wonderful scratchers! (scroll down for full credits)

Since its beginning in 2015, the Colour Divide RPG has reached over 1000 followers! To celebrate this incredible milestone, the managers of the studio and I organised some fun events, one of which being this multi-animator project! These last two years have been epic - here's to more to come <3

The Colour Divide RPG:
Story of how the RPG started my animated series (about 36 seconds in):
My animated series:

To everyone who participated: from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You each created something so beautiful. I can't believe how well this MAP turned out! You're all amazing. <3

Notes on the making of this project:

-- The characters in the intro and outro are Lynn and Ava. I drew them in Inkscape - so excited that they imported nicely into Scratch!

-- To help the project run smoother and avoid the data limit, I did a lot of editing. Most of this entailed separating sprites into multiple sprites and a backdrop so I could use programming to make the animation work instead of the multiple frames the original creators used. I also changed Diavlo's costume names from 'bad', 'bad2', etc. to 'good'. Because they are good. You did great, Diavlo. Also, sorry Ceebee - that 'change colour effect' block had to go - that block always messes up the entire project. Changed it to 'change brightness effect'. Not as cool, but it works.

-- If this project crashes for you... I'm so sorry. Please let me know and I'll try to optimise it further.

---Animation Credits---

1 (intro): @bubble103
2: @razscal
3: @RainbowCloud525
4: @bluestar711
5: @manamoon2017
6: @LunaLovegood002
7: @arialys
8: @forever-
9: @WintyMint
10: @jasonthescracther
11: @MorningDewdrops
12: @Ijustwant
13: @Rosiepie1
14: @sjs331
15: @Stargirl46
16: @lgutowska
17: @Icansing
18: @FormuIate
19: @FlameShredded9
20: @cinnamon_bun_puff
21: @TheInvoker
22: @Pylar
23: @D_i_a_v_l_o
24: @krlkrl
25: @ceebee
26: @weirwolf06
27: @-IcicIe-
28: @Purplekitten22
29: @lol-pick-girl
30: @Niamh-
31: @-Galaxydust-
32: @Pappuzabu1
33: @schittering06
34: @64felicity
35: @EllaPHNT
36: @Flappy_Balloon
37: @R_Ravenclaw
38: @catak
39: @XxIcy101xX
40: @BlueButterfly07
41: @DestinyDragon12
42: @Riptide901
43: @twinkle-moon
44: @BunearyBunny
45: @Eve_Zoe
46: @-ChocoIistic-
47: @Yayme123552
48: @jd76
49 (outro): @bubble103

Thanks for watching! Scratch on <3

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