3D Flight Simulator v0.6

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Featured! 20-7-2011 ~ 25-7-2011
::Only works on Flash Player or in Presentation Mode offline::

If the plane icon doesn't show on the map then hold down the m key for a random amount of time and keep a positive atitude (or altitude - geddit?)

I hope you like it! Its the final update!

I have swapped the functions of the up and down arrow keys.

Lever works again and I have deleted the sun because it is too buggy.

Even more levels

Smoother Altitude and Velocity forumulae

Now has a map (Use 'm' to show/hide)

Works best on Flash Player

Use the right and left arrow keys to roll the plane. Use the up arrow key to point the nose down. Use the down arrow key to point the nose up

Use the space key to adjust engine power.

HINT: Start with the space key down. ;)

A big Update!

Collab members who helped out:




Special Thanks to everyone who commented on the previous versions regarding things to improve!

Special Thanks also to Jonathanpb for recommending this to be Featured!

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