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i don't expect anyone to remix but just keep this in mind. i wanted to make this for about 3 months.. i was so tired of school that i almost deleted this meme WIP out of frustration. im glad i didn't :3 anyways it would be AMAZING if you were to love and fave because i ruined my already dead sleep schedule to make this. also the story about this will take forever to explain.. but the jist of it is that a character called black batter (the the falling character) jumped off of a building (also will take a while to explain why he jumped..) anyways all these little clips is his life flashing before his eyes and stuff XD the white batter (the croco batter) is black batters brother and the 3rd batter is just normal batter. (the combination of black b and white b so maybe gray batter..)

Notes and Credits

audio ripped from @TheGamingKitten (sorry XD)
art,code: tga
original: Niina Xann
fandom: OFF continue stop rise

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