Scratch Doodle

remixed by ceebee
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I've been really inspired by all the google logo remixes folks have been sharing over the last couple days so I wanted to give it try myself! I thought it would be fun to remix the google logo using Scratch characters, so this is a product of that :P

Be sure to click on each of the sprites to see what they will do!

As always, please feel free to remix! I would love to see your own versions of what the google logo could like ^.^

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If you are looking for help getting started with your own, check out this awesome tutorial CSFirst put together:

Once you're done, you can also add it to the studio:

Notes and Credits (added by ceebee)

Thank you to @CSFirst for creating the original project and inspiring so many awesome remixes!

+ Original logo by Google
+ Remixed logo uses Scratch Cat and friends from the sprite library (edited by me in Illustrator)
+ Font on project title: Adam.CG Pro
+ Sound effects: Some found on, others from the Scratch sound library
+ Music: "Carefree" found on
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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12/5/17: Shared
12/6/17: Inspired by @Mapleshinethecat and @-awsomeanimations- I've added a tiny easter egg to the project :P
12/6/17: Added a cloud variable to see how many people find the easter egg lol
12/7/17: Fixed a bug with the easter egg, now the sprites reset


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