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Just a remix of the google logo, very much inspired by the Coexist logo.

Sadly not enough letters to represent all the amazing diversity in this world

Slightly glitchy XD
All it does is glide
Takes a second or two to show up

Curated by @PokemonScratch101 :D
This got top loved? Thank you guys so much!!! I'm so happy <33

Why does it say googtic?
It actually says google xD I know the crescent and the star looks like a "c" but it's actually and e :P I had nowhere else to put the cross of Christianity so I put it where and 'L' would normally be XD

What is the first G?
It has the male, female, and non-binary symbols on it :)

What is that thing on top of the "G"?
That is a symbol representing the nonbinary community :)

Okay, a couple of disclaimers xD
-The thing on top of the G is not a telletubby antennae-
-That is a peace sign, NOT a Mercedes symbol-

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