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by -Hamstr
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✩Introducing Hedgamisu!! Invented by @-Hamstr!! Now available for adoptions!! Read the notes and credits before adopting please :3✩

These egg-shaped hedgehogs are my new species!! Hedgeamisu can come in many shapes but most of them are the size of a tennis ball :3 They have horns instead of ears which means they are deaf and cannot hear any sort of noise or call. They closely relate to Dusty Bunnies but since they are mostly hedgehog they are slightly pokey.

Each hedgamisu has two horns unless one fell off XD A coat of prickly soft spikes, a cute face and snout, and a star which they hold on to for protection. Without the star, they wouldn't be able to sense noise and would have gone extinct. A star can be anywhere on a hedgamisu's body EXCEPT for its coat which could burst the fragile stars shell like coat. (They usually just hold it tho)

A hedgamisu's star was a shooting star that crashed into a pile of moss. When it rains a hedgamisu is born from that star and holds onto it for the rest of its life.

Most horns of a hedgeamisu are antelope horns, sheep horns, or cow horns but sometimes a hedgamisu can have reindeer/deer horns (rare), moose horns (very rare) , unicorn horns (rare), or chameleon horns (mythical).

Depending on what color star the hedgamisu has that is, in most cases, the color of the hedgamisu.
Pink star = Green or Pink hedgamisu (common)
Orange star = Blue or Orange hedgamisu (common)
Yellow star = Pink or Yellow hedgamisu (very common)
Green star = Orange or Green hedgamisu (common)
Blue star = Purple or Blue hedgamisu (common)
Purple star = Yellow or Purple hedgamisu (commmon)
White star = Brown hedgamisu (very common)
Black/Grey star = White hedgamisu or Grey hedgamisu (very rare)
Multi-color star = Mythical hedgamisu, any color combo (extremely rare)

Mythical hedamisu can come with fairy wings, no horns, ears, or a tail! These stars ran into a rainbow on it's way to the ground causing a malfunction in the star's shell. The star on this hedgamisu does not have to match the color chart!!

These hedgamisu have disabilities, their star ran right through a storm cloud causing the star to crack a little bit and lose it's color. Hedgamisu with a blue/grey star are blind as well as deaf making it harder for them to survive. Sometimes these hedgamisu have white eyes, broken horns, and maybe even no fur/spikes.

Credit to @-Hamstr for art and code!!
Credit to @yunnie2005 for the hyphen thingys on the sides (edited by @-Hamstr)
Credit to TastyPeachStudios for inspiration!!
Credit to Scratch!!
Credit to Japan for the music XD

Notes and Credits

Thanks for what the community is remixing!! :D

IMPORTANT: You are NOT allowed to make a mythical hedgamisu or a corrupted hedgamisu!!

- You MUST give @-Hamstr credit in your remix!!
- Press space and write a bit of a bio about your hedgamisu!!
- You can choose between antelope horns, sheep horns, and cow horns. No deer horns or unicorn horns unless you have my permission :3
- Use pastel colors!! When remixing the belly side always has to be white and the eyes and nose have to be black.
- Don't forget to follow the hedgamisu color chart!! (ex: pink star = green hedgamisu... etc)
- You can add patterns and make the horns whatever colors you want!! (no neons please)
- If you would like each hedgamisu is allowed ONE accessory (bow, hat, etc)
- You may only make ONE hedgamisu

Unicorn horn slots: 5/5 ( @serenitystars @catnap_403 @-CalicoCat @AlexaMaxTV @Sweet-Rose)
Reindeer/deer horn slots: 6/6 ( @orchid- @uoonicorn @Crystaldeer @starburst369 @Unixcorn_Voltron @Starry-Tord_NyAzia-)
Moose horn slots: 4/4 ( @4MilkyWoofu @OhMyBubbleBlower @Wafflebark @skoy123)

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