Burned Out

by ceebee
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Dodie recently shared a new song on her youtube channel called "Burned Out". The song is so beautiful and real. I felt immediately inspired by it! So much so that I couldn't really focus on anything else until I had the chance to art about it. This is a product of that.

Be warned, this loops forever. <3

Notes and Credits

The story of this animation (not based on anything Dodie has actually shared, this is just what the song evoked for me):

As someone who constantly shares her life and creations with the world, it can be overwhelming. So many people, strangers really, know every little detail of her life, it's not hard to imagine that the pressure is unreal.

"But they love you," she is told. Over and over, "they love you!" And it's true, they do! But what does this mean when she is just aching to discover her own self? How does she offer love and support to these people when she herself is unsure of who she is and where she is going?

- - - - -

Huge thank you, of course, goes to Dodie for sharing this beautiful song! I can't express how much inspiration I've taken from it!

Song: A tiny portion of Dodie Clark's song "Burned Out". If you enjoy it, I highly recommend looking up the whole song!
Artwork: Created in Illustrator
Font on Thumbnail: Albret
Character: Very much inspired by Dodie, as it is meant to be her <3

There is another part to the chorus that I really enjoy. Perhaps someday I will animate that portion as well and incorporate it into this :)


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