Nightcore Gold Part 8

remixed by Purplekitten22
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Notes and Credits (added by Purplekitten22)

<3 This song is about showing that you are special the way that you are :)

<3 Congratulations on 100+ Bunny!!! :DD You deserve it, and there are more to come!! ^u^ Thank you @-BoingyBunny- for letting me join! :D And thank you @-Chewri- for showing me the MAP! :>

Sorry for all of the difficulties with choosing a part, I probably caused the most confusion, and I apologize because I didn't mean to >o< Thank you @-Chewri- and @-BoingyBunny- for allowing me to do Part 8 (which had the part of the song that I wanted to do originally) and I apologize for all of the confusion once again <3

Now, I didn't execute my idea like I was hoping >o< I did this more as a simultaneous motion test (which I failed badly *cough cough*) and I'm hoping that I'm getting better? I try to make my stuff as cartoon-like as I can, because I hope to make my own cartoons someday ^o^ Anyways--this is my part XD

This song is about knowing you are worth something. Remember, no matter who you are, you can shine brightly in your own light, and be who you want to be. You are worth something in this world, don't let anybody, even yourself, tell you otherwise. Blow us all away with your talents! <3

That's basically what my part is trying to portray (but...haha, it didn't make much sense XD Welcome to the wacky world of PK) Since it's such a fast paced song, I tried to match the tempo, which is why it's hard to tell what's going on, I'm sorry! >o< That's why I had very few in-betweens in here XD

I hope you are satisfied with the part, Bunny! I hope to see you again when you are ungrounded! ^o^

That thumbnail is beyond lazy though XD I'm sorry, it's just something I threw together real quick >o<


MAP Host - @-BoingyBunny-

Art, Animation, Coding - @Purplekitten22

Song - Gold ~ Britt Nicole (Nightcore)


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