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Forum Tower Defense By: BoltBait - Development: ~28 hours

The forum has been overrun by smilies. Your job is to rid the forum of these pests by building towers to get in their way and to destroy them.

Based on Desktop Tower Defense as seen at


Click in the box to place towers. Click the "Begin" button to send the creeps through your maze. You can build towers while the creeps are going. Click towers to upgrade them.

There are 11 levels of creeps and they get harder and harder to kill.

Creeps that make it to the exit cost you one "life".


Survive all 11 levels with lives left.

Final score is calculated as (Karma+1)*(Lives+1)
So, be as efficient as possible when constructing your maze and upgrading your towers to maximize your final score.


Project Notes:
Thanks to coolstuff for the pathing algorithm.
Thanks to what-the for help with the turbo mode detector.
<no longer needed, removed>
Thanks to me for the Flash player detector.

Version 1.1:
-Fixed mouse square to be red if you can't afford to build a tower.
-Added 2 more towers.

Version 1.4:
-Fixed Turbo Mode detector.

Version 2.0:
-Added Leaderboard

Version 2.1:
-Fixed Leaderboard (and reset all scores)

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