Aliens Invasion

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“Aliens Invasion”. Rules of the game:

The essence of the game is to get 5000 or more points and to get as many coins as you can, as well to kill aliens’ ships as much as you can.
To control the game, you should use arrow buttons to the right and to the left. To shoot, press the space bar on the keyboard. In the game, there are 3 types of aliens’ ships: it is a giant, a fighter and a rocket - here they are.
For killing a giant, you can get 15 coins and for destroying a missile and a fighter, you will not get anything.
There are 4 more firing strengths - that is Shotgun, it consists of 4 bullets, Aon blaster is one big bullet in the form of a sword, Tri burst is a lot of smaller bullets together and Starshot is 4 shuriken - here they are.
There are 3 types of coins: bronze, gold and crystal. They give an occasional number of coins from 5 to 40.

If you touch a wall or a spike, you will die immediately.

Enjoyed my game!

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