PianoTiles 3D v1.6 - 200 Followers special!

by cubus32
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Welcome to 3D-Pianotiles! Collect the dangerous tiles and dance to the music while you're at it. This is rendered with 3D raycasting so don't tell me its fake XD please don't "just" write your score in the description or it will be deleted

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FEATURED! 3rd December - thank you all so much for your support!

thanks for writing hate comments so I can get all of you 3-year-old kids banned.

100% pen!


▸use the mouse to control the selected platform.
▸select the platform under the falling tile to "collect" it
▸when you die or when you get to a screen, click to start the game!
▸press the arrowkeys to switch into arrow-key mode
▸in arrow-key mode press down arrow to go to mid


v1.0 - first playable
v1.1 - added music and sound effects
v1.2 - added red on selected bar, made flashing lights
v1.3 - made title and scene when you die
v1.4 - first release!
v1.5 - added arrow key mode
v1.6 - made yellow tiles when you reach a fifty number


Thanks to WO997 for making the 3D raycasting
Text engine by 123768631
All other coding by me

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