Learn Korean! Lesson 7 Counting Numbers (3)

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Learn Korean! Lesson 7 Counting Numbers (3)

+ Wait till the opening melody ends / Fullscreen recommended +

♥ Yay, a new Learn Korean! lesson is now shared xD Please enjoy!
Today's topic is 2 and more digits of numbers and decimals^^

♥ I know many of you are waiting for lessons about basic words.
At next lesson, we'll *finally* start learning basic words :D Please look forward for future lessons ~

♥ For Scratchers who doesn't know yet, last lesson was curated at
30 Sep, 2017 EST *\^o^/* @huagoose suggested it and @EveningWaves curated it, thanks again! You can find the link at
the bottom of this section =)

♥ Forgot the basic pronunciations? Don't worry, I always include a
chart about them in the tutorial! Click 'See inside' then you will see
a sprite that named 'Chart' ^^
(Special thanks to @pianojay for the chart)

♥ I tried some new design at the lesson to make it look more organized, what do you think? :D

♥ Feel free to drop a comment or a question ~

♥ Christmas is coming up, Merry Christmas everyone! \^o^/
If you have spare time, please check out my Christmas project too :)

= Credits =
Art, idea, Learn Korean! official logo, coding, creating by @oriquack
Special thanks to @PEOPLEMINION who reminded me about what
is 'number' in Korean ; It's 숫자 (sut-ja) ^^
Bell decoration (culex background) from the Scratch Sprite Library
Opening melody: "drip drop" from Scratch Sound Library
Korea's Culex background music: "Deck the Halls" instrumental ver.
Photos in Korea's Culex from Google Images

= More about Learn Korean! =
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