Google Chrome Dino Run

by 1000652
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Have you ever had a time where you have lost internet connection or had no connection at all while using Google Chrome? You have probably seen (and played) this game on the page saying that there is no internet connection. Well, now you can play it WITH an internet connection right here!

This project is a remake of the game I had mentioned above. And guys, I know that you can turn off the internet connection, play it on other websites such as chrome://dino, etc. to play the actual game. I have turned off commenting for this project because of that. I made this project to show you all my code, as well as to include a world best.

Press up or space to start the game. Use the same keys to jump while playing. While jumping, you can press the down arrow key to fall faster. This'll be helpful when the game gets very fast. While on the ground, you can use the same key to crouch. Avoid the cacti and the birds! When you get hit, you can restart the game by clicking the game area.

Go for the highscore! Think you can you beat my record of 2386? I've made the score faster by popular request.

Notes and Credits

All credit goes to Google for Chrome logo, gameplay, sprites, and sound effects. No copyright infringement intended.

TOP-LOVED 11/30/17!
TOP-REMIXED 12/6/17!

Q: Why does the game start at night?
A: In my remake of the game, the initial time of day depends on the current time on your device. If the time on your device is between 6AM and 5:59 PM, it starts at day; otherwise, it starts at night.

Q: Why does the dinosaur always jump at full height?
A: Unfortunately, I don’t know how to get the dinosaur to jump at lower heights depending on how long the jump button was held down. But nonetheless, I think the game is OK without this implemented. At least you can fall faster with the down arrow key.

Q: How do I get the game to start?
A: You start by pressing either the spacebar or the up arrow key.

Q: How did you make all this?!
A: I've played the original version before, and I used what I remembered from that (and some coding skill) to make all this.

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